Write-in Fred Thompson

That’s the advice of Bill over at Daily Pundit

That’s the sum of it. If you can’t bring yourself to vote for the offerings in your primary, or if the eventual nominee is somebody you can’t stomach, don’t sit out, and don’t vote for the Democrat. Write in Fred Thompson’s name.


By doing so, you send a message that can’t be mistaken or spun. It is a message that says:

“I am a Republican who wanted to vote for a conservative GOP candidate, but wasn’t able to do so. I can’t vote for a Democrat, but I can’t vote for any of the Republicans, either. So I’m writing in the name of the candidate I wish I could have voted for, because he is the kind of candidate I could support.”

They have to learn that if they want conservative votes, they have to nominate candidates conservatives would want to vote for.

This strategy is the only one that offers any hope of changing the leftward move of the GOP in the future. Sitting out won’t do it – they can spin the reasons why you sat out. Voting Democrat won’t do it, they can spin it that the GOP candidates weren’t liberal enough. Even voting “None of the Above” won’t do it, because that doesn’t specify what you want instead of none of the above.

Sound advice I think.  At some point conservatives need to STAND STRONG and say “ENOUGH!”


6 thoughts on “Write-in Fred Thompson

  1. I think Fred’s silence is golden … let everyone guess what he is going to do. It’s obvious there’s something missing with Fred not there. Great article Wing.

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