Write-in Fred Thompson gaining momentum

The Emperor has spoken, laying out why conservatives should not stay home this November.  He also says to write-in Fred Thompson for President.

Reading through comments and posts all over the Blogosphere, it struck me that there seems to be a slightly inconsistent manner in which this whole “stay at home” thing is being interpreted. Sure, there are quite a few of us, yours truly very much included, who won’t vote for Juanita McVain, but why not do something with that protest above and beyond just staying at home altogether?

Not only would it be silly to protest the lack of conservatism by refusing to vote for conservatives (if you’re lucky enough to have one to vote for, of course), voting for everything BUT the backstabbing RINO turd that we may end up with as our nominee sends more of a message than staying away altogether.

As to what to do with the Presidential part of the ballot, I’ve been pondering various alternatives. Leave it blank or write in and, in the latter case, who to write in? Given the choices we’re likely to have, anything from Genghis Khan to Mickey Mouse would seem more reasonable than what’s on the menu, but I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ll just write in Fred. If enough people do so, that too will send a message, as in “listen, I take my voting rights seriously and I showed up to vote, but there was nothing there to vote for so I just wrote in somebody that I WOULD have voted for.” Again: if enough people do so, it’ll be bloody hard for the RINOs and the MSM to spin it, as they’re sure to try to do.:

Others are speaking up when it comes to writing in Fred here:


According to the website –

Conservatives are in agreement; there was no other truly conservative candidate for the nomination of the Presidency in 2008 than Fred Dalton Thompson. The Republican Party is leaving us with its big government candidates who don’t believe in restrained spending or federalism. Our nation is at a crucial crossroads with threats at home and abroad. If we are going to protect our nation’s identity and our sovereignty, then we must force the Republican Party to return to the conservative prinicples that will lead us forward. It is with that in mind that we urge all conservatives to VOTE FOR FRED DALTON THOMPSON during your state’s primpary. And if he isn’t on the ballot, WRITE-IN FRED THOMPSON. It is imperative that we sent a message to our party and our nation, that it is time to return to ideals of our founders and our constitution. Its time we send a message to our party and the media that this should once again become a serious process among professionals who are serious about the task at hand and not just looking for power and prestige. Its time we return to citizen servants who seek to further the cause of democracy and not just their self interests.

Remember this a battle that we are in to take back the Republican Party.  That means standing up and saying “Enough” of the moving to the left and away from conservatism and the principles the party was founded on.


11 thoughts on “Write-in Fred Thompson gaining momentum

  1. Every state has their own law on “write-in” regulations.

    If it takes $10 bucks to register it go ahead and pay it.

    On the other hand, if you feel compelled to keep Juan McCain out of our White House then vote for the other RINO Romney as the Huckster is certainly the anti-christ. ( whatever you want to call the lying idiot is fine by me. )

    We can control Willard for four years until we coax Fred to run again so we have time to inform the voters who didn’t bother to check the truth before they mindnumbingly believed the MSM and Liberal spin machines…as we can fix almost anything but, not disloyal stupidity.

    We can still be angry as we have every right to be but, lets not lose our sovereignty and everything else we hold dear over it….lets just do what we think Fred would advise, eh?

  2. I sincerely hope and pray that it picks up so much momentum that the RINOS as well as the RNC starts running to save their lives from the FDT train that’s a comin” Have faith everyone, dry your eyes and look upward and forward to FDT as our next president of these great United States. We the people with FDT as our leader- WoW Look Out.

  3. I wonder. Fredfile just disappeared and the Virginians for FTD are announcing a McCain site.

  4. Really. FredFile came up just fine for me when I brought it up a few minutes ago.

    As for Virginians for Fred … that is the beauty of America … people can change their mind like the person(s) running that site did.

    “Stand Strong”

  5. Manipulation-exerting shrewd or devious influence especially for one’s own advantage; “his manipulation of his friends was scandalous”

    sabotage-the willful and malicious disruption of the normal processes and functions of an organization.

    How dare you try to undo my right to vote for who I choose for President!

    What Would Fred Do? The election of our President is based on the majority’s choice and your attempt at manipulation and sabotage is not the American way. I’m sure it is not Fred’s way and I know is not Jesus Christ’s way.

    {BV – seems to be a troll here, I’ll leave it for the moment but … }

  6. And exactly how is writing-in Fred’s name in the election trying to manipulate and sabotage? Because it’s different than bowing down to the MSM’s “horse & pony” show?

  7. I am a proud FredHead until the end! I will be writing in Fred’s name in November, but I just had the pleasure of voting for him here in the WA primary as his name was still on our ballot. A vote for Fred is a vote for sustained Conservatism!

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