Personal Update

As is most obvious the blog has been quite silent recently. Not that I’ve been one to blog about personal happenings but I thought it would be appropriate to provide a little bit of an update as to what’s been taking place on the personal front.

The baby, due at the end of July made her appearance on the 30th of May.  After spending the first 22 days of life in the NICU in Madison she came home this past weekend.  The only concern at this point is high BP which isn’t uncommon in preemies but is a concern nonetheless.

On the job front the great new job that was started last month after 4 1/2 months of unemployment got put on hold as of today actually – an indefinite layoff.  Ironic considering I work in IT but when it’s a small company and due to market conditions … at any rate I personally hope it’s short-term because the company is great but in the meantime we are in the market since indefinite is just that, indefinite.

The major downside is that our lease is up and we have to move out – things were already tight due to aforementioned lengthy time off, the early arrival and the fact the maternity leave is unpaid – meaning you can’t commit to a new lease when you are in the land of unknown.  Thankfully we have family helping out so we will be staying with them short-term until things improve and we can get back on our feet.

So that’s basically what’s been happening lately – some craziness and some hard-nosed reality due to the current economic situation in the good ole USA.

If you know of any jobs in the IT field along the lines of desktop support or Jr Systems Administration let me know – we’re open to relocation at this point.

In the meantime I hope to keep the blog a little less silent so keep an open eye.


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