Top Ten Bad Jobs in LCMS

Here’s a great list posted by Rev. Preus over on the BJS site

Top Ten Bad Jobs in the Synod If you are a Confessional Lutheran
(From Pr. Preus)

10. Overseas missionary. Really bad job security.

9. Any one whose sole job is working for Fan into Flame. “How do you explain that two year gap in your resume during the years 2007-2009?”

8. Executive director of Concordia Historical Institute. Really bad job security.

7. Seminary professor at Ft. Wayne without tenure. How would you like to know that your future depended upon Wayne Graumann, John Kieschnick and David Buegler – all Jesus First supporters?

6. Seminary professor at either seminary. How would you like to have a job where you had to gulp hard, plug your nose and say nothing negative about Ablaze?

5. Mega church pastor. The pressure of weekly performance and growth should generate NFL and Rock star salaries, and you are making only $120,000.

4. First lady. Turns out you can’t say anything from the pulpit without getting hammered.

3. Confessional talk show host. Really bad job security.

2. Executive Director to the Board of Communications Services. One day you’re respected. The next day you’re not. Ouch! And all of that for someone who will never reciprocate.

1. Synod’s treasurer. “You spent what on travel for your wife? You spent that on consultants? You want me to sell that? I can’t possibly balance that! You fired who?”

So where are the good jobs?  Then again these would be the good jobs if the LCMS returned to it’s historic roots instead of going down the “wrong path”.