Liebham to push pay freeze

And it would be for all public sector employees in the state.

He also will advocate a one-year pay freeze for all public sector — schools, counties, cities — employees, not just state workers as supported by Gov. Jim Doyle.

Leibham said state dollars are 63 percent of the revenue stream to the school district and 52 percent to the city of Manitowoc. He said it would help balance the budget if school and municipal employees “had the tools” to freeze pay.

“I would challenge any public employee to say to the public, ‘While you are going through a time of no job or reduced income, I need to have a two to three percent increase on top of my generous benefits,’” Leibham said.

It’s safe to say State Senator Liebham won’t be voting for the budget in it’s current form.

Leibham again assailed the two-year, $62 billion spending document as “anti-job” and “anti-business” and “an insult to legal, law-abiding citizens of the state of Wisconsin.”

Apparently an overwhelming majority of residents agree if this is any indication.

A live poll showed 83 percent of those taking part in state Sen. Joe Leibham’s first telephonic town hall forum Monday evening are opposed to the budget approved by the Assembly. (Source: Leibham advocates pay freeze for all public sector employees – Manitowoc Herald Times Reporter)

Too bad my state Senator isn’t looking out for the taxpayer when it comes to this garbage known as the proposed state budget.

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