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Voters in the Wisconsin 8th Congressional District were you aware that Congressman Steve Kagen is holding a town hall meeting in the district this week?

That’s right he is but it wasn’t exactly publicized.

The WisGOP blog had this post yesterday:

Steve Kagen’s secret Minoqua town hall? If you call into Steve Kagen’s district office they’ll tell you the congressman will be holding a town hall there this Wednesday… but don’t expect to find it published anywhere else. After… all, why would you want to give any advance notice?

Kagen Minoqua Town Hall: Wednesday, August 19, 2009 10am @ the Campanile Center.

So I called the Congressman’s Green Bay office this morning and inquired if Congressman Kagen was having a town hall in Minocqua this week and the person answering the phone confirmed it.

A quick scan of the local Green Bay paper shows no mention of the meeting, nor does the Congressman’s website.

However the Lakeland Times in Minocqua has a brief mention of it online this morning.

8th District Rep. Steve Kagen will be in Minocqua tomorrow, Wednesday, Aug. 19.

Kagen, like many other representatives around the country, is holding listening sessions focusing on the issue of health care.

Kagen will hold his next session in Minocqua at the Campanile Center for the Arts tomorrow starting at 10 a.m. The Campanile is located at the corner of Flambeau and West Milwaukee streets, 131 West Milwaukee St.

So why is it that Congressman Steve Kagen and his staff aren’t exactly publicizing this meeting? Why is there such little advance notice?

Could it be that the Congressman doesn’t want to hear the opinions of his constituents who disagree with him, especially when it comes to the current healthcare reform legislation in Congress??

If you want to attend the Minocqua town hall meeting:

When: 8/19/09 @ 10:00 am
Where: Campanile Center
131 West Milwaukee St

Now for the follow-up question:

How many other unpublicized town halls is Congressman Steve Kagen holding throughout the 8th District the rest of this month?

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