Cutting choices

That’s essentially what the health care reform bill currently making it’s way through Congress does.  An astute constituent points this out in a letter to the Superior Telegram.

Imagine the day when you find out your 80 year old mother has been told by her doctor that she needs a pace maker and the Government Health Board has decided that she is too old and she should just take a pain pill. (Pages 253, 425 & 430)

Later in the day you open your bank statement and discover the government has deducted several hundred dollars directly from your account without your consent because they have direct, electronic access to your account. You make several calls, talk to numerous bureaucrats to find out they have made a mistake and will credit your account when they get around to it. (Pages 163 & 59)

That evening your married daughter and her husband call to say that you will be a grandfather for the second time. They also tell you that a government representative will be meeting with them to discuss family planning and scheduling her pregnancies farther apart. (Page 768)

Maybe then you will thank representatives like Ron Kind, David Obey, Tammy Baldwin, Steve Kagen, Gwen Moore, Russ Feingold and Herb Kohl who decided to follow Democratic party leaders instead of the people who they represent.

The page numbers refer to HR-3200, The Obama Healthcare Plan. (Source – Health reform cuts choice – Superior Telegram)

Perhaps Congressman Kagen, if he has actually read the bill, could provide some insight as to why such things have been inserted into the legislation.  These are decisions that should be made by a patient and his or her doctor, not government.

Where’s the local MSM when it comes to asking Congressman Kagen about these things?  Or have you forgotten how to actually do “real” reporting?

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