Does Kagen listen to constiuents?

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The obvious answer is no if last month’s town hall meetings were any indication.

Great letter pointing this out in the local paper.

At his listening session at Green Bay Southwest High School, U.S. Rep. Steve Kagen, D-Appleton, appeared estranged, disingenuous and agitated as members of the audience confronted him with facts and alternative health-care ideas.

The congressman misrepresented the merits of Veteran Affairs health-care clinics by not recognizing the “death panels” employed in the VA via the “Your Life, Your Choices” manual that was reinstituted by President Barack Obama this year (Wall Street Journal, Jim Towey).

When pressed by the audience to respond, Kagen admitted he would rely upon and utilize his “better judgment” when casting his vote instead of relying upon and utilizing the viewpoints and concerns of his constituents.

He dismissed alternative health-care ideas such as interstate commerce for private health insurance companies, tort reform, encourage innovation and technological ingenuity, etc., as parlor tricks.

Thank you to all of the constituents who voiced and/or showed support for their viewpoints and ideas at this listening session at Southwest High. God bless America. (Source: Green Bay Press-Gazette)

In other words Congressman Kagen continues to act like most Democrats in Congress – arrogant and out-of-touch, as was pointed out here.

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