Battle lines are drawn

Tucked away in the pages of HR 3200 are details of the huge windfall proposed for unions.  Also tucked away in various bills before Congress are provisions that will force unionization on the healthcare industry.

BerryLaker explains the dirty details and how the battle lines are in place.

The battle lines will be drawn between two groups of people. It will have nothing to do with race, nothing to do with skin color, nothing to do with religious preference or nothing to do with your heritage. It will not matter how much you make or what your name is. The tensions between members or groups of different social classes will be but a memory in history.

For the people of this country, there will be only two groups of people, union and non union. Union people will have free health care the non union will pay for free health care. Union people will be first in line and same day visits for health care, non union people will be in waiting lines for days, months and God forbid years for care.

Union people will have access to free prescriptions of the best medicines and the rest will have to buy generic Tylenol. Unions will see the best medical experts, non union will talk to death panels. Unions will get surgery and non unions will get a blue pill and will be told to go somewhere and die.

It will pit unions against employers. unions against non union workers. It will pit fathers against their own sons. Mothers against their own daughters. Union members will be for their brothers and sisters in the rank and file and diss their own blood brothers and sisters of their own families. A mother or father will be on their death bed in some hospital and their son or daughter will be walking the side walk on strike for a longer break time. Cities will be divided with union members on one side of town with their nice homes and green cut lawns and the rest will live in shanty towns we read of the past or high rise complexes with broken windows and infested crime areas.

All this will happen in the disguise of health care for all. All this will happen before people even realize it even happened. The union bosses and the liberal left (most democrats) are seeking as much power and wealth they can get their hands on. Nothing will stop them. All for the sake of absolute power. (Source: Battle Line Drawn – BerryLaker)

It’s time to press foward Patriots, time to keep applying the pressure needed to defeat this attempted power grab.  To do that you need to keep spreading the truth about the proposed healthcare reform known as ObamaCare to your friends and neighbors.  Remember the future of this great nation is at stake.

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