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That is what Sarah Palin showed this week.

Former Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin has endorsed a third-party candidate over the GOP-backed contender in New York’s congressional special election, saying her own party has abandoned its core values.

The former Alaska governor, who was Arizona Sen. John McCain‘s running-mate last year, said Thursday she was backing Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman over Republican Assemblywoman Dierdre Scozzafava in the 23rd Congressional District race.

Palin said Hoffman, a businessman, stands for Republican principles — smaller government, lower taxes and a commitment to individual liberty — and that Scozzafava is more aligned with Democrats.

It’s not just Sarah Palin that has shown that allegience though.

Hoffman has been labeled a spoiler by some, but he’s looking more like a contender lately, with support from prominent Republicans, including former U.S. Sen. Fred Thompson, former House Majority Leader Dick Armey and former presidential candidate Steve Forbes, who endorsed Hoffman on Friday.

“The other candidates in this race are far too similar in their records and stated support for much of the Democrats’ agenda in Washington,” Forbes said. (Source: Palin backs 3rd party candidate in NY House race – AP)

It’s Sarah’s endorsement via a note on her Facebook page that’s garnered the most attention though.

A good round-up of reaction to Sarah’s endorsement can be found here and here.  A sampling of the round-up:

“This is a good example of [Sarah Palin] understanding something that seems lost on most politicians. The tea party movement and the general disaffection of the electorate isn’t necessarily pro-Republican, and unless the GOP realizes that and start standing for principle, they are simply going to continue to be marginalized.” (Joshuapundit)

“Sarah Palin’s decision to endorse the Conservative Party candidate over the Republican nominee in a special House election in upstate New York is the latest example that the former Alaska governor’s allegiance is to her conservative principles rather than the edicts of the party.” (Chris Cillizza)

“Sarah Palin puts forth her argument for her NY – 23 position on social media site, Facebook. Newt, otoh, has his posted internally on his own association’s site. Does that tell us anything about where both are coming from today, about which is actually more in step with today’s culture and electorate?” (Dan Riehl)

“She said this summer that she would work for the election of conservative candidates regardless of party, and now she’s backed up those words by standing against her own party to support a candidate she can believe in.” (The Spyglass)

“Palin’s quote of Ronald Reagan‘s timeless speech ‘A Time For Choosing’ makes it clear that she has chosen to stand apart from the GOP leadership.” (Another Black Conservative)

Ian Ransom points out that the endorsement was a “daring line-in-the-sand” to the GOP leadership:

The brilliance of this trigger-pulling comes at an ideal moment for Palin and for the teetering party. Make no mistake: instead of throwing herself under the bus (as some in her own party would like), Palin’s invocation of Reagan-conservatism in connection with such a move generates light that will be very difficult–and unwise–for waffling GOP leaders to ignore, even in the midst of their thickening fog. (Source: Palin shows true grit with Hoffman endorsement – Texas for Sarah Palin)

Josh Painter, in a post on the same site, may have summed it up best:

With her endorsement of Doug Hoffman, Sarah Palin has taken a stand in solidarity with the gathering storm known as the grassroots movement in this country. The disaffected conservatives, conservative libertarians, common sense independents and blue collar Democrats (aka Reagan Democrats) who are mad as hell and not going to take it anymore always seemed to us to be former Governor Palin’s natural base constituency. These are the the people who have turned out for TEA parties and Townhalls across the country, but there are many more of them who were not able to demonstrate, but feel the pain none the less. It’s a big step for the 2008 GOP vice presidential candidate to take toward earning their trust as the national public figure who best voices their concerns.

As for the Republican Party, its establishment has refused for too long to listen to the rank and file, and now it has officially been put on notice by Sarah Palin. Hopefully, it will finally pay attention to the voices of the people. (Source: Some Personal Thoughts on the Endorsement – Texas for Sarah Palin)

Proof that despite the best efforts of liberals and RINO’s that true conservatism will win out in the end.

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