Santa Kagen doesn’t get it

8th Congressional district candidate Marc Savard points out how Congressman Steve Kagen doesn’t get it when it comes to this country’s economic problems.

First a great comparison with Santa Claus.

Santa Claus is a good man with good intentions. I believe Congressman Kagen too genuinely believes he is doing the right thing when he comes back from Washington with bags of goodies for certain folks in the 8th District.
Yet the catch is that Santa Claus actually works and creates his own products, while Santa Kagen takes our work product, siphons off some for others among the Washington tax-eating crowd and then distributes back what might be left for us, at his discretion.

Next pointing out what the these recent “solutions” from Washington are really doing.  Hint – they aren’t the great deal they appear to be.

So, while the recently announced extension of the new homebuyers tax credit, and now the additional program of tax credits for existing home buyers ,sounds like a great deal, all it is doing is artificially creating a market and distorting sales that the free market forces would and should handle on its own. Just as the cash for clunkers program drew sales forward and did nothing for overall sales in the long run, so does this sound bite policy do nothing for the overall health of the economy and home sales in the long run. And just as the auto industry started with a limited policy of “cash back” programs to spur sales, now the consumer won’t buy a car without one. The same will happen with the home builders industry. Buyers will now wait to purchase until they see the next “cash back” program come from Washington, further distorting and destroying sales in the long run.

In conclusion what the sound solution really is while pointing out who the real problem is.

What we need is for Congress to start dealing with the big picture , which is to get their out of control spending under control and lower tax rates across the board. These policies are the only sound solution to the dire situation that Congress has created, yet it looks as if Congressman Kagen and Speaker Pelosi just don’t get it. Washington is not the answer to our country’s economic problems,  it is the problem. (Source: Santa Kagen – Savard for Congress)

Which means Congressman Kagen, as part of the problem, needs to be sent back private practice in November 2010.

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