McCormick makes it official

Terri McCormick has officially entered the race for the WI-08 Congressional seat.

McCormick, who is in her early 50s, ran unsuccessfully against former state Rep. John Gard in the 2006 GOP primary. She says she is a more patient, thoughtful candidate this time around.


Speaking before a handful of supporters at the Rock Garden Supper Club/Club 1951 in Howard, McCormick outlined her priorities in Congress: job growth, regulation reform, national debt reduction, health care reform and term limits on federal officeholders.

“The mess we’re in is generally because of a lack of leadership,” McCormick said.

Referring to the government’s involvement in using bailouts for economic recovery as “perpetual meddling in the free market,” McCormick said limiting government spending and encouraging private sector growth are key. Job recovery and growth are her No. 1 priority, she said.

She criticized current health care proposals in Congress, including the 10-year, $1.2 trillion measure passed by the House of Representatives and proposals in the Senate, saying they did not adequately address the cost of health care.

“It looks like a power struggle over who controls the insurance agencies,” McCormick said, adding that she would like to see open, competitive pricing for medical procedures. (Source: Terri McCormick of Greenville enters Republican race for 8th District seat – GBPG)

So far she sounds no different than every other candidate who’s thrown their hat in the ring when it comes to priorities and the direction this country is being taken.  Although I don’t know if anyone else has floated the term limits idea.

The first question that comes to mind is this – why should those who didn’t vote for her in 2006 vote for her now?

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