Hard hitting questions …

that the local paper won’t ask but BerryLaker will when it comes to Steve Kagen & the new VA facility.

You can find the local paper’s puff pieces here, here and here.

Now some hard hitting questions from BerryLaker.

First on the odd location.

One, why University Avenue? Why not East Mason east of I 43? Why not off of Packerland Drive? Why not the west side of Green Bay? Why not Little Chute along HWY 41? How about Appleton? If you look at the 8th district, the heavy population areas are the Fox Valley. Who made the decision? Doesn’t it seem odd they are building off of University?

Second, who owns the private land on University?

Is this just Kagen’s photo op for his re election bid? Is this or will this be a pay back for campaign donations?

Who did the VA officials talk to and how many sites did they look at?

Second on the changing numbers.

We go from 15,000 in yesterdays article to now 20,000 vet’s served at this facility. Everything keeps changing. Were talking government here people.

Third on Kagen’s motive.

So is Steve Kagen is saying Mark Green started this project? Going for the republican vote? Will he say that in upcoming campaign ads?

Let’s add a few more questions.

$60 million for a 2-story outpatient clinic and surgery center?  Why such a high cost for something that’s only going to make the 25-acres worth $40 million?  And is it really only going to be $60 million – it is a government project after all.

What happens if the federal government can’t make the lease payments as a result of all the massive debt being accumulated by Kagen and his budddies in Washington?  How much will those lease payments be?

Are numbers being fudged when it comes to employment?  One article says 150 – 200, another says more than 200.

Lots of questions and few answers.

As BerryLaker points out perhaps it’s time to follow the money – will the local media do that or will it be up to the blogosphere and talk radio?

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