Take away the kids?

Where are the priorities & responsibility?

Two Sheboygan mothers have been charged with child neglect after leaving an 11-year-old babysitter to care for an infant with a 105-degree fever and four other children while they went bar hopping, according to a criminal complaint.

Sylvia Santoya, 27, of 1121 Ontario Ave., and Sheena M. Kroening, 25, of 2715 N. Eighth St., Apt. 1, were charged Thursday. Santoya faces three misdemeanor counts for her three children — including the infant — and Kroening two counts for her children.

According to a criminal complaint:

A neighbor of Kroening’s told police Santoya and Kroening decided to leave their children with Kroening’s 11-year-old sister so they could go to several taverns with another friend late on Dec. 18. The other four children were ages 9, 7, 2 and 2.

The neighbor promised to check in occasionally to make sure things were OK, but said she would not be babysitting.

Leaving five kids with an 11 year old to go bar hopping, when two are toddlers and one an infant??

The mothers left about 11 p.m., and the 11-year-old soon ran into problems when Santoya’s 7-month-old son woke up and wouldn’t stop crying. She called Santoya from the neighbor’s phone, but Santoya refused to come home and told her to tickle the baby or rub his back until he went to sleep.

Say what?? Waiting until 11 pm to go out and then refusing to come home when called by the young babysitter?  Don’t you think if you have kids that young maybe you should be home by that time?

The neighbor’s boyfriend attempted to care for the child after checking on the children, and found the baby was too congested to eat and had a high fever. The neighbor then contacted police.

Thankfully there were adults close-by that were responsible & realized there was a possible medical situation.

Officers arrived about 1:30 a.m. and called paramedics after touching the baby’s forehead. The child was taken to the hospital after paramedics discovered the 105-degree fever.

The mothers eventually returned home after being called by police. (Source: Moms charged with neglect after outing to bars – Sheboygan Press)

Young children, one a sick infant with an extremely high fever and you choose to go bar hopping? And then not return home until after a phone call from police. Ridiculous.  So how long did they take to return home?  “Eventually” sure doesn’t sound like immediate.

Where’s the responsibility?  It’s apparently lacking if you choose to leave your kids with an 11-year old in order to go bar hopping at 11 pm.  Especially when one of those kids is an infant who is sick.  It also shows that maybe you don’t care about your kids if you aren’t putting them first.  And deciding to go bar hopping at 11 pm isn’t putting them first.

Perhaps the kids should be taken away.

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