Will GOP hold Lasee’s seat?

State Senator Lasee thinks so.

State Sen. Alan Lasee expressed confidence more Republican candidates would step up to keep a hold on his senate district after announcing last week his decision to not seek re-election.

The veteran lawmaker ends a 36-year career in the state Legislature next January. He predicts the GOP will pick up two seats this fall to solidify a majority in the senate.

“No one lasts forever, and I think my time has come,” said Lasee, of the town of Rockland, who turns 73 in July. “At some point, we all have to come to the conclusion that maybe we ought to have a change of pace. The fire and desire to go through another campaign just wasn’t there.”

So who’s stepping up to the plate to replace him?

Already the historically conservative 1st Senate District has piqued the interest of former Republican Assembly member David Hutchison, 66, of Dyckesville, who on Tuesday kicked off his campaign.

Hutchison was elected in 1994 and served three terms before vacating his seat in the 1st Assembly District to concentrate on his marketing firm.

Lasee, who did not want to appear as if “handpicking” his replacement, said he would not be drawn to make an endorsement. (Source: Green Bay Press-Gazette)

Wonder if any young conservative in the 1st Senate district will step up to the plate?

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