Kagen on Massachussets election results

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How in the world can Congressman Kagen say this with a straight face?

“People in Northeast Wisconsin understand that Steve Kagen is a hard worker, I can’t be bought, and I’m on their side.”

Kagen said he continues to host listening sessions to learn what’s foremost among his constituents’ concerns and acts accordingly.

“On all of the important issues, I’ve stood up to the leadership to express the will of the people of Northeast Wisconsin,” he said. (Source: Green Bay Press Gazette)

Um, alright Congressman.  If that’s the case how do you explain your voting record in the 111th Congress?

Steve Kagen has voted with a majority of his Democratic colleagues 98.1% of the time during the current Congress.

Or this tidbit from CQ Politics:

With a party unity score of 99 percent, two-term Rep. Steve Kagen of Wisconsin’s 8th District has been siding with Democratic leaders almost unanimously on closely divided votes.

More laughable than the voting record claim is this:

Kagen told reporters during a teleconference Wednesday that he wasn’t worried, because he’s attuned to voters in Northeastern Wisconsin. But he also began to separate himself from President Barack Obama and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., and said he was an outsider like Brown in Massachusetts.

Why not just be honest Dr. Kagen and tell the people of your district the truth – that you are a Pelosi puppet.

Steve Kagen an outsider??  ROFL.  If Kagen’s an outsider I have oceanfront property in Arizona.

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