Another Democrat in trouble?

Looks like Indiana Senator Evan Bayh (D) may be in trouble this fall.  Particularly if Indiana Congressman Mike Pence (R) decides to run according to the 1st poll on the Senate race in Indiana.

From Hot Air:

In their first look at the Senate seat currently held by Indiana’s Evan Bayh (D), Rasmussen shows Mike Pence as the only Republican who gains an advantage over the incumbent.  Pence bests Bayh by a narrow three points, 47%/44%.  More ominously for Bayh, he doesn’t get above 45% among likely voters with any of the three combinations tested by Rasmussen.

In rough terms, it’s a statistical tie on the toplines between Pence, Hostettler, and Bayh.  In the two different combinations, they all wind up within the margin of error with each other.  The fact that Bayh can’t get above 45% against any Republican shows that he is vulnerable to any serious challenger in November.

It will be up to Indiana voters to decide who best represents them in the race against Bayh.  From this preliminary poll, though, it seems that Pence’s higher profile will be tougher for Bayh to beat — and that Bayh is in serious danger of losing his red-state seat in November.

It may be early but this could be another sign of real change coming in November.

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