Obey may have wrote it but …

Steve Kagen voted for it.

So when will a candidate in the 8th Congressional District put out a release similar to this one?

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported on January 26, 2010 that a vast majority of staff economists surveyed at 75 private-sector companies and industry trade groups said the $787 billion stimulus failed to create jobs as promised by its author, Congressman Dave Obey.

The poll of staff economists was conducted by National Association of Business Economics, which has conducted its quarterly survey since 1982. The highlights of the survey include: 69% believe Chairman Obeys stimulus, nearly a year after its passage has had no impact on employment to date. 71% believe that in the next six months, companies will either face significant layoffs or make no change in hiring. Ashland County District Attorney and 7th Congressional District candidate Sean Duffy was not surprised by the findings

“Maybe Washington DC politicians will finally figure out what Main Street has known all along, said District Attorney Duffy. Chairman Obeys $787 billion dollar stimulus experiment is the biggest, most expensive, failure in history. It has plunged us deeper in debt but done nothing to create jobs.”  (Source: Wis Politics – Duffy Campaign)

Putting out press releases on Rep. Kagen’s voting record will remind people how out of touch with voters he is.  Or have we forgotten that?

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