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Another sign of Washington being broken.

U.S. Rep. Steve Kagen is among 71 House Democrats under attack by Republicans over contributions they received from a New York lawmaker facing an ethics probe.

Kagen, D-Appleton, received $21,000 during the previous two election cycles from Rep. Charles Rangel’s political committees, according to the National Republican Congressional Committee, which seeks to get Republicans elected to the House. The NRCC says Kagen should give the money back.

On Wednesday, Rangel, who faces additional ethics scrutiny, stepped aside temporarily as chairman of the powerful House Ways and Means committee.

In a statement Tuesday, NRCC spokesman Ken Spain chided Kagen for accepting money from Rangel while the committee chairman was under investigation.”Now that Rangel has finally been busted for his ethical wrongdoings, Kagen has egg on his face for repeatedly protecting the embattled chairman,” Spain said. “Will Kagen try to salvage what’s left of his political career and finally abandon Rangel and his campaign money?”

Hmm.  Wouldn’t be calls to return the money if you didn’t accept PAC money Steve.  But that’s where most of your campaign cash comes from isn’t it?  All one has to do is check the FEC numbers to see that.

But it doesn’t sound like Steve Kagen will do the smart thing which would be to return the money.

“No amount of money will ever be able to affect my vote, for I only have the best interests of my patients and my constituents in mind,” said Kagen, an allergist. (Source: GBPG)

To echo what BerryLaker said – Kagen has patients?

Kevin points out that only one of Kagen’s opponents has jumped on this.  Will the others respond or sit on the sidelines?

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One thought on “Kagen on the hotseat

  1. I hope the Dems lose the house in November. I don’t hate them or anything i just think that government works best when both parties have some power. In my lifetime I think the Government was working best during Reagans and Clintons presidencies and were at its worst during Obamas and Bush II’s.When one party controls everything it seems like its most corrupt and usually the other party sells its soul to the Devil to get back in power.

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