Savard shaking up the race in the 8th

Marc recently touted his Tea Party credentials at a recent Congressional forum.

“Whether people like the Tea Party concept or not, it is where the energy is on the conservative side,” Marc Savard said.

A Door County Board supervisor and one of seven GOP candidates, Savard was the lone participant in a Tuesday congressional forum at the University of WisconsinFox Valley. He touted his involvement in planning last spring the first tea party in the state and said the movement has spurred people who typically aren’t interested in politics but are frustrated with how Washington works to action.

When asked afterwards how the campaign was going …

“The campaign is going real well,” he said after the forum. “But it’s not going to be measured by the traditional ways of money and polling because there is whole new crowd of folks out there who have never been engaged in the process and wouldn’t answer a (pollster’s) question if you gave them a hundred bucks.”

Some of what Marc discussed with forum attendees.

Savard, who supports an overall spending freeze, was peppered with questions during the hour-long session about his position on topics ranging from health care reform to affordable education.

He cautioned the audience about creating a culture of entitlement that cannot sustain itself and pointed to the extension of unemployment benefits as an example of welfare.

“It was supposed to be a bridge between job and another. It was not supposed to be a permanent check,” he said. (Source: Post-Crescent)

In a crowded primary being able to separate yourself with something voters will remember is important.  Marc seems to have that with the “Tea Party” credentials.

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