The true Steve Kagen – LIAR!

If you truly want to know where Steve Kagen stands don’t put a TV camera in his face.

Here’s what he said on Monday when interviewed by Fox 11:

“Let me put it this way: you’re asking whether or not I trust the United States Senate, where they came up with a deal for Nebraska that the other states didn’t get; where Louisiana would get a special deal. No, I don’t trust the U.S. Senate,” said Rep. Steve Kagen (D-8th District). “So I think I’d like to have a vote on something very meaningful.”

Kagen said the health care bill should be split up into smaller bills.

“I have made the case to the speaker and also to the White House that we should take small pieces, small bites,” Kagen said. “In the practice of medicine, I can’t give a child a big pill. What do we do? We cut it up into pieces. Let’s find things we can agree on.”

In other words he made it sound like he would vote “no” on the bill.

Well if you actually believed that I’ll sell you my oceanfront property located in Arizona.  Fast forward to a healthcare march in Appleton yesterday.

Kagen said he supports the group’s efforts, but was unable to join the march or meet with the group. He called them before their march.

“This next week is gonna be a historic week. We’re gonna find and secure enough votes to pass health care, to guarantee coverage for everybody,” said Kagen.

As Lakeshore Laments points out:

As always with Kagen, principle lasts only as long as the TV cameras are on and the audience leaves the room.

Will any of his Republican opponents respond?  If not they better keep this in the files to pull out during the general election.

Better yet will Steve or his “people” show their faces at the Green Bay Tea Party this Saturday?  I’m sure attendees would love to hear why you continue to vote in lock-step with Queen Nancy.

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