Vote No or you will go

That’s the message of a rally being held tomorrow night.  Fox Valley Initiative has the details.

“Vote No or You Will Go!” That is the message that needs to be carried to Congressman Kagen’s office in Green Bay this Wednesday evening at 6pm. Pelosi and Hoyer are working the Democrat caucus, arm twisting and deal making for the final votes needed to pass this 2700+ page health care reform bill that will fundamentally change our health care system.

They believe that you are tired, they think that you are worn out, and they are counting on you staying home. Don’t give them the satisfaction!

Please turn out this Wednesday evening at 6pm at Congressman Kagen’s office in Green Bay, 700 E. Walnut Street. Bring signs, friends and family. This will be a peaceful protest. Email this to everyone you know. Copy it to your facebook page. Twitter the details. Get it out there to everyone you know! The map to his office is below and there is plenty of parking in the surrounding blocks.

By all accounts, this week is their last chance to pass this legislation. Together, you along with millions like you have been successful in holding this bill back by appealing to your legislators. We have had many successes in this debate, including educating our friends and neighbors regarding the impacts this would have. We cannot afford to lose the final battle!

Please don’t give up hope yet!

Click here for the map.

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