Firing was planned

This is outrageous and a disgraceful way to treat a veteran. Not to mention possibly illegal.

At least a week before Veterans Affairs Secretary John Scocos was fired, the department’s board members had secretly come up with a strategy to dismiss and replace him, complete with a “PR plan” and “talking points” about the decision, e-mails show.

And Gov. Jim Doyle‘s office reportedly had advised a board member to openly criticize Scocos to “ensure public exposure prior to the actual removal vote,” according to the e-mails, which were obtained through a state open records request.

The board voted on Nov. 24 to fire Scocos and replace him with Ken Black, a department administrator. The governor’s office and board members have repeatedly said the board acted independently of Doyle, but the e-mails raise questions about whether that’s the case – and if the state’s open meetings law was violated.

Kudos to Scocos for fighting back in court.

Scocos has sued over his firing, which came about two months after he returned from a deployment in Iraq with the U.S. Army Reserve, alleging his dismissal violated a federal law that protects returning service members. Scocos, a Republican appointee, also alleges the Democratic governor and his appointees fired him for political reasons.

James Troupis, Scocos’ attorney, declined to comment on Thursday, saying he had not yet seen the e-mails. (Source: Wisconsin State Journal)

Apparently Chicago-style politics have infiltrated Madison.  Best of luck to Scocos.

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