What a difference a year makes

Last year’s porkulus bill supposedly helped school districts across the state.  The argument that it was only a one-year fix was ignored by the districts as they covered deficits and saved teaching positions.  Now what would have happen a year ago in many districts is happening.

Government records indicate thousands of teachers in Wisconsin were hired or retained because of the Stimulus last year, but many of them could be let go now that the one-time money is gone.

According to recipient reported data found on the federal government’s stimulus website, www.recovery.gov, Wisconsin districts received a billion dollars in awards from the US Department of Education. The government claims those awards created or retained 6,556.44 full-time positions.

The MacIver Institute conducted an informal survey of school districts asking how they are responding to decreasing state aid. Of the one hundred districts that responded, more than half said they were considering layoffs. Some admitted teachers hired for stimulus programs will be let go. (Source: MacIver Institute)

So much for the promises last year that the porkulus package would improve things eh?

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