It’s time for drastic measures

Now that the Obama administration and the Democratic Congress have propelled this great nation even farther down the road to socialism it’s time to take steps necessary to take back our country. It’s time to step up to the plate and do whatever it takes to return the USA to its roots. And it’s time to do this PEACEFULLY.

Robert Moon has a great piece on how to do this.

Now that Democrats have needlessly (and illegally) destroyed the free market health care system that 84% of us were happy with, we have only 4 options left before things get ugly:

1) Vote them out in 2010. This option requires much patience and will not actually mean anything unless those elected actually reverse all the spending, bailouts and takeovers.

Most likely, Democrats will be punished for a few years while Republicans ride the tidal wave of public outrage into office, at which point they will throw us some symbolic scraps from the table, rather than making a serious commitment to uprooting federal tyranny.

2) Legal challenge in the courts. There is a chance that the Supreme Court could reverse parts of this law based on the “Commerce Clause” debate (a few states being bribed and blackmailed into submission at the expense of all the others).

3) Nullification. This is where states stand up for their 10th Amendment rights and declare that, since this law is blatantly unconstitutional, they refuse to acknowledge that it was even passed.

And no, the Founders never intended for the federal government to be the sole determiner of the size and scope of its own power. State nullification was always intended as a natural check against federal encroachments.

If the federal government defies a legitimate nullification action, which it will, then this could lead into a secessionist movement. And as I have noted, the majority of states have already introduced some form of sovereignty movement.

4) Civil (or un-civil) disobedience. For this not to backfire, it requires numbers, coordination and legitimacy in the eyes of the people. ObamaCare will offer many such opportunities (people being denied health care, punished for not buying insurance, etc.).

Moon also reminds us of the question we all as AMERICANS need to be ask ourselves in the face of this full-frontal assault on the fabrics of this great nation. How far our we willing to go to defend OUR republic?

Thomas Jefferson wrote in the Declaration of Independence that when government becomes adversarial to the interests of The People, it is both the right and the responsibility of The People to rise up and “alter or abolish” that government.

The Founders revolted over taxation without representation, and after Virginia, New Jersey and Massachusetts…and all the polls, and Democrats still having to openly bribe and blackmail their own super-majority into voting for this treason, I would say we are pretty much there.

It is time to step up and take back what is ours. Hopefully, this can still be done peacefully. (Source: Conservative Examiner)

It will be a long, hard road but as an army of Davids we can take it back.

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