Kagen hails takeover of another program by government

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People of the 8th district, wake up. Your resident Pelosi puppet hails the movement of America farther to the left via takeover of the student loan program as a victory.

“For too long our student loan system placed the interests of Big Banks over the needs of our children in search of affordable higher education,” said Dr. Kagen. “I’m pleased to have helped secure this critical investment in the education of our children. This law is another important victory for working families in Northeast Wisconsin as we continue to build a better future for all of us.”

Builds a better future? Really? Exactly how is government control of another program helping to build a better future.

“When we get education right, everything else will follow, but if we get it wrong, nothing else will matter. Access to an affordable college or technical school education is absolutely necessary,” continued Dr. Kagen. “And by ending subsidies to banks, we are helping to secure access to schools otherwise unaffordable, and eliminating wasteful spending of our hard-earned tax dollars.” (Source: Kagen press release)

So exactly how has government done anything right when it comes to education. As highlighted here HeadStart is a failure.

Ending subsidies to banks? Apparently subsidies are only a problem for Congressman Kagen when they are provided to those so-called EVIL institutions like large corporations and big banks.

And hate to break it to you Congressman Kagen but schools aren’t unaffordable. There is such a thing as working while going to school to help cover costs.

But that would be students being independent and not counting on government and we can’t have independence can we Congressman.

So who’s going to utilize this gem from Kagen in the campaign?

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