No advance notice?

Rep. Steve Kagen (D-Wi.)
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Apparently Congressman Kagen is planning on moving around the district in stealth mode during the current break.

First heard about this through a Facebook contact.

It seems Congressman Kagen is going to be visiting the Civic Center in Shawano at 3:30 tomorrow (4/7) to discuss the changes in healthcare.  But the media has either not been informed or not planning on reporting the details of this visit until the last minute.  No mention as of 3:30 pm on any Green Bay media websites.

In fact a call to Congressman Kagen’s Green Bay office directs scheduling questions to his Appleton office.  So I placed a call to that office and Amanda the visit.

So if you want to let Congressman Kagen know how you feel about his vote on the healthcare bill show up to the Civic Center in Shawano tomorrow afternoon.

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