The disdain and vengence of Stupak

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Seems Congressman Bart Stupak‘s true colors are starting to show.

Apparently Bart doesn’t like Tea Parties.  From RedState:

How divided this country has become. I have never heard such contempt and sophomoric talk against the American public by their own elected officials in my life. I guess they are learning from The One’s great oratory skills and his eloquent use of Alinsky’s tactics. Bart Stupak, who’s true colors are reflected in this video at about 3:29 in, by sounding off on his fellow Americans:

If anything I just made the tea party people spend a lot of money that wasn’t necessary on all these ads they have to run against me so they can’t use it on anyone else. So I’ll take credit for sucking their treasury dry.”

Really, Bart? The “Tea Party people.” Who are the tea partiers, Bart? They are your betrayed constituents who now give their hard-earned money to defeat progressive-socialists hiding in conservative clothing politicians like yourself. They are hard-working Americans who are tired of government taking over their lives and stealing the fruits of their labors through oppressive taxation. They are the very people you call ‘neighbor’ and ‘friend’ back in Michigan.

The beds of Bart Stupak and others who voted to move America closer to socialism (including Steve Kagen) have been made.  In the process the sleeping giant has been awaken and it is working to ensure a return to the principles America was founded on.

History will not be kind to you, Mr. Stupak. We can only hope there are enough “Tea Party people” across America–the land of the free and the home of the brave–to take her back and elect people that will cause a reverse legislative revolution and restore this Constitutional Republic back to what the Founder’s intended.

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