Another hat thrown in against Feingold?

Word is former Governor Tommy Thompson will announce his intentions today at the Madison Tea Party.  If as speculated he announces that he isn’t running, a soon-to-be former State Senator is prepared to throw his hat in the ring.

From the library and pub of Mr. Widgerson:

State Senator Ted Kanavas told the Waukesha Freeman yesterday he is thinking about running for U.S. Senate against Russ Feingold if former Governor Tommy Thompson elects to skip the race:

WAUKESHA – State Sen. Ted Kanavas, R-Brookfield, said Wednesday he will make a final decision as to whether or not he will challenge U.S. Sen. Russ Feingold, D-Middleton, in the November election after former Gov. Tommy Thompson makes his decision to enter the race.
Kanavas said he has explored the possibility of running in the race since he announced he wouldn’t seek re-election to the state Senate in January. He originally planned to return to private life, but said he has had to consider running due to recent developments at the federal level.
“The country is obviously in a great deal of trouble right now when you look at the extent the federal government has spent us into a deficit,” Kanavas said. “We have to grow this economy or else we have failed our greatest obligation.”


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