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regarding the election for President of the LCMS.

Charles Henrickson points out the following in the answers of two candidates:

In reading the answers of the candidates for synod president, a number of people have noted how the leading candidate, Rev. Matt Harrison, makes frequent and able use of the Bible, while Rev. Jerry Kieschnick does not. This is not to say that Rev. Kieschnick does not believe the Bible is the Word of God; I’m sure he does. But, based on nine years of observation, I don’t think he is as capable of using the Scriptures–putting them into use, freely, fittingly, and on his feet–as is Rev. Harrison.

Instead, for these past nine years under President Kieschnick’s leadership, we have been bogged down in bylaws. Commission rulings, novel interpretations of Handbook subsections and clauses–these have been the Kieschnick administration’s stock-in-trade. And this tendency shows no signs of letting up. Indeed, the Task Force and now Floor Committee on Structure and Governance–groups that President Kieschnick himself selected and appointed–these have presented us with a Blue Ribbon Boondoggle that has been a colossal waste of time and money, that would move power away from congregations and circuits and up the ladder to presidents’ offices, and that would engulf us into even more years of bylaw haggling and massive reorganization. How tedious and tiresome!

By way of contrast, if Pastor Harrison is elected, how refreshing it will be to have a synod president who is thoroughly conversant with the Holy Scriptures and knows how to use them!

If I was a delegate to the convention the choice of who to vote for would be easy.  Bible over bylaws.

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