Perspectives on endorsements

Interesting takes on some recent endorsements in the 8th from BerryLaker and Rhymes with Clown.

First there was this endorsement being touted by Terri McCormick.

The principles and values that McCormick represents have attracted the attention and support of the PeopleV.US – a national constitutional group comprised of citizen leaders who are determined to hold lawmakers accountable to their words and actions.

Jeremy nicely points out the following from the group’s website.

an organization set up by Attorneys, Political Consultants, and Marketing professionals.

BerryLaker points out what this means:

Let’s see, attorney donations,will we see tort reform, don’t think so.

Oh great more political consultants telling us what we should think, say or do. Voters aren’t smart enough to think on their own.

No kidding, marketing professionals who will sell you snake oil to cure cancer.

If your going to get endorsements, sounds like the same old Madison, Washington politics to me.

Have to agree with Jeremy’s assessment of this endorsement.

I’m just not sure that an endorsement by a group without substantial ties to the district and whose main purpose is to oppose a single piece of legislation through a class action lawsuit is really all that meaningful.

More meaningful would be this endorsement touted by Reid Ribble.

Robert Keller, Chairman and CEO of J. J. Keller & Associates, endorsed Reid Ribble’s campaign for Congress today. Keller heads one of the largest safety and regulatory compliance firms in the nation. J. J. Keller & Associates, Inc. is based in Wisconsin.

While it may not be a business within the 8th district, it is a business owner right over within the district line.  So as Jeremy says it is more likely to have an impact.

However BerryLaker makes a great point.

Then again, they are only endorsements. It’s the voters that will elect our next congressman for the Wisconsin 8th district.

Update 7/1: Correction as Bob Keller lives in the 8th.

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