Government viewed as threat to liberties by almost half of Americans

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A Rasmussen Reports survey finds 48 percent of Americans consider government to be a threat to their individual rights.

Rick Manning, communications director for Americans for Limited Government, said this should not be a surprise. In fact, it was foreseen by the Founding Fathers.

“The entire Bill of Rights was passed because our Founding Fathers were fearful that the government would encroach upon individual rights,” he said.

The report also referenced correlating data released earlier this week, indicating that 62 percent believe politicians want the government to have more power and money, while 58 percent of the voters want them to have less.

Manning said the public’s growing rejection of government growth should be recognized by the Obama administration.

“They’re worried about encroaching on private property; they’re worried about encroaching on their ability to get a job; they’re worried that government is getting too big, too fast and needs to be reined in,” he said.

The survey additionally found 52 percent of Americans believe it is more important for government to protect individual rights than promote economic growth.

Read the whole report here.

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