He’s back!

Seems after a year off from regular blogging, Todd Lohenry couldn’t stay on the sidelines.

I stopped political blogging in July of last year, halting production at THE Right Side of Wisconsin, a blog that was ranked the most influential political blog in the state a couple of times in the first half of last year. I’ve been on the sidelines for almost a year now and partyofknow.org has been dormant during that time. During my hiatus, I sought out conservative thought leaders who might benefit from my blogging expertise and workflow to no avail. It seems that few conservatives actually want to learn anything from the Obama campaign and are content to conduct campaigns the way they always have, wasting time and money in the process. I’m not going to sit on the sidelines any longer…

To my five or six regular readers: Be sure to add Party of Know to your Google Reader.  You won’t be disappointed.

Welcome back to the blogosphere Todd!

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