Savard endorsed by distinguished national leader

Marc Savard‘s campaign announced the endorsement of former Secretary of the Navy and 9/11 Commission member John Lehman this morning.

Dr. John Lehman, former Secretary of the Navy and 9/11 Commission member, is endorsing Republican candidate, Marc Savard for the 8th Congressional seat in Wisconsin.  Lehman has been a public and private sector leader wherever he has served, notably as President Reagan’s Navy Secretary during the rebuilding years of the country’s Military Defense. His career has spanned decades of business and public leadership roles.

Lehman issued the following statement on his endorsement of Marc Savard:
“I believe Congress needs folks like Marc to step up and serve when our Country’s citizens are searching for candidates with clear, realistic thinking about the threats our Nation faces both abroad and at our borders. Marc will bring that seriousness of purpose so needed in Washington today to deal with the difficulties our country faces.”

Savard has earned the endorsement of many elected officials here in the 8th District, and now can add a distinguished national leader to those who believe he has the ability and thoughtfulness to take on the challenges our country faces.  “America should be thankful for the many contributions Lehman has made to protect our national security. I am honored to receive his support,” said Savard. (Source: Savard for Congress)

Some interesting endorsements touted by Marc Savard compared to the other candidates.  Will it catch people’s attention like his RV has is the question.

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