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isn’t it time to start taking responsibility?  Not if you’re President Obama.

The home of the football Chiefs welcomed the Commander-in-Chief on Thursday, as Barack Obama visited the Midwest to raise some campaign money for U.S. Senate candidate, Robin Carnahan, and to tout his economic plan.

What we heard and saw was more lies and foolishness from the President.

After 18 months as Chief Executive of this nation, the President continued to lay the blame for our economic woes on former President George W. Bush. Obama said, “This recession was the culmination of a decade of irresponsibility-a decade that fell like a sledgehammer on middle class families.”

Imagine if after spending 18 months on the job, an executive of a company continued to blame his predecessor as production continued to slide. Would the stakeholders and or the Board of Directors be satisfied with such an attitude? Hardly. They would demand to see what has been done to alleviate the situation and the results of those actions. (Source: American Thinker)

Must be hard to admit YOUR policies are making things worse.

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