An interesting proposal

Alderman issuing tickets for minor offenses?

City council members would have the authority to issue tickets…that’s if one Alderman gets his way.

Shae Sortwell wants aldermen to give out citations for things like grass being too long, trash and noise.

“These may be minor issues,” Sortwell says. “But they bring down property values and make the neighborhoods less desirable to live in. We really need to start cleaning up some of these areas.”

Sortwell believes by eliminating the middle man, it’ll resolve violations quicker and free cops up to focus on more important things.

At first glance it looks like an interesting proposal. Is it really different than the so-called citizen’s arrest? Details would be needed.

More interesting is this.

In fact aldermen used to have that power under a city ordinance, but it was eliminated in 1995. The city attorney‘s office is digging deeper into the proposal. (Source: WTAQ)

Why was it eliminated?

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