Steve Kagen and the big lie

Steve Kagen has gotten under BerryLaker’s skin. Kagen is back in the district during the current Congressional break and was spreading lies on Monday in Shawano.

From the Shawano Leader. We thank Tim at the Leader for his reporting. I think Kagen was hoping no one would report on this.

Kagen: Job creation should be top priority
By Tim Ryan, Leader Reporter

Creating jobs should be a priority over concerns about the deficit, U.S. Rep. Steve Kagen (D-Wisconsin) said during a visit to Shawano Monday.

“We’re not going to pay off our debt until people have jobs,” he said. “Jobs trump debt.”

Then why are there no jobs? Link from today’s Green Bay press. What a lie!

Federal stimulus funds help Green Bay area, but haven’t created jobs | | Green Bay Press Gazette

Kagen also noted the country’s debt started more than eight years ago, under President Bush, and could be traced to two wars, tax cuts for the wealthy and Medicare Part D – the cost of which have all been shunted to future generations, he said, because current taxpayers have not been asked to pay for them.

There he goes, blaming Bush again. Mr Kagen, the debt as of 2-10-2010 was 12.34 trillion dollars. The national debt in 2006 was $574.3 Billion. What is he talking about. What a lie!

Kagen said the present Congress has been more financially responsible.

“The single greatest thing we did is re-institute Pay As You go,” he said, a rule requiring an equal amount of budget cuts or new revenue to cover any new spending.

If he is so financially responsible then why does congressman Kagen and his pals don’t have a budget set up in 2011.

As for Kagen’s “Pay as You Go”, notice he doesn’t mention the scam was only implemented AFTER 18 months of reckless spending.

Paul nails it.

Steve Kagen is to blame for the national debt, the jobless numbers, the financial problems. He always tells us he’s working hard for the people of Wisconsin. Kagen is not doing the job he promised! (Source: BerryLaker)

Paul is really on a rant so be sure read it all at the source.

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