McCormick bashing bloggers again

What is it with Terri McCormick and bloggers, more specifically conservative bloggers. She had this to say in a recent interview.

ALL RIGHT MAGAZINE: The word on the street is that some conservative bloggers have been unhappy with your candidacy. As far as you can tell, what’s their problem with the campaign, and how do you respond?

TERRI McCORMICK: There are a few bloggers – I’m not sure I would call them conservative – who are mad at me because I dared to challenge the most unpopular Republican in the state in a 2006 primary for Congress. George W. Bush came to Wisconsin and the Republicans spent $2 million in the primary. I moved on, but they have not. It’s a different election cycle but they are still holding a grudge.

Have you really moved on Terri? If so why bring up 2006 and John Gard (still can’t mention his name Terri?) in a 2010 election interview? Seriously if you’ve moved on then why is 2006 continually mentioned at every opportunity and how everyone was apparently against you? It’s mentioned in this interview and it’s mentioned in her book, What Sex is a Republican? It was even mentioned in an email after I posted this back in November 2009.

The average percent of voters in 2006 in that primary was 20% – a low voter turn out – why? You ask – so low.

$3 Million was spent in that primary to ‘suppress voter turn out’ ….  Why again?

Because my polling and the democrat polling showed us ahead of the 5 person pack….  Who were my pollsters?  Tommy Thompson’s and the US GOP Senate.

It’s also the same thing you hear from supporters over and over. Sounds to me like the person holding the grudge is Terri not the conservative bloggers.

Speaking of bloggers this isn’t the first time she’s thrown them under the bus. On page 41 of her book you find this gem:

“Realize that bloggers represent their own interests and are not credible, reliable or subject to the ethics code below.”

The code referenced is the code of the Society of Professional Journalists. A code that says to seek truth and report it, minimize harm by treating sources, subjects and colleagues as human beings deserving of respect, act independently and be accountable. Funny but all the bloggers I know follow that code. If you don’t as a blogger you don’t get readers due to lack of credibility.

But back to the recent interview where she says the bloggers who are “mad” at her aren’t conservative. To make that claim just because a blogger may be critical of her campaign or policies is as ludicrous as President Obama’s supporters claiming those critical of his policies are racist. Does she think she is above criticism? If she and her supporters think that how is she any different than the Washington elite?

One would think Terri wouldn’t have this attitude towards bloggers exercising their 1st Amendment rights of free speech.
Especially since she says she is a strict Constitutionalist who will be a “strong voice to protect the rights of all law-abiding citizens” according to her campaign website. Unless of course you are critical of her apparently.

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5 thoughts on “McCormick bashing bloggers again

  1. It seems to me that the only code this blogger is following is a code of allegiance to Marc Savard. You call this “Journalism”? I call it pathetic.

    It seems to me that they only one bringing up ill feelings about the 2006 race is the anti-Terri campaign who can’t find anything substantial, or the least bit entertaining, to really critique her.

  2. Michael,

    Who’s the one bringing up 2006 in interviews? That would be Terri. And alienating bloggers does what for her campaign? It certainly doesn’t help it since bloggers can help spread that campaign message.

    As for “code of allegience” read the disclaimer page.

  3. I have read the “Disclaimer”. But I also see on the left hand side of your blog the “Savard For Congress” Facebook button. It seems to me that you are violating your own disclaimer by waving the Savard Flag. I guess that flag is your true colors.

  4. The issue is why keep bringing up 2006 and why continue to alienate bloggers with these types of comments in interviews.

    Thanks for proving my point.

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