Anti-liberty record for Roger Roth?

So says the Republican Liberty Caucus of Wisconsin.  Among the group’s claims.

Roth Doesn’t Believe in Free Markets or Consumer Choice

As a member of the Wisconsin legislature, Roger Roth voted against legalizing the sale of raw milk in the state of Wisconsin, positioning himself against farmers, small business owners, and consumers.

Roger Roth voted against authorizing the sale of alcohol to adults ages 18 to 20 when supervised by a parent, putting his trust in the state as opposed to Wisconsin families.

Roger Roth voted to pass a bill that requires all health insurance policies to cover hearing aids, cochlear implants, and treatment for children certified as deaf or hearing impaired under the age of 18. Keep in mind that the people paying for these items may be single or may have kids who are not hearing impaired.

Each of these votes from Roth’s record indicates a common theme: Roth supports restricting consumer choices and does not have faith in individuals to make sound decisions nor in the free market system more broadly.

Roth Thinks Roth Has the Most Experience

Roger Roth made several false statements to The Shawano Leader early in the campaign when he uttered, “I’m the one candidate with small business experience, the one candidate with military experience, the one candidate with legislative experience. I think that sets me apart from the other individuals in this race.”

The problem is that several of Roth’s opponents have owned small businesses, one having started a business around the time of Roth’s birth. Another of Roth’s opponents served in the Wisconsin legislature and a third Roth opponent is an elected County Board Supervisor.

Why won’t Roger Roth tell the truth?

As the Cap Times notes, “[Congressman Steve] Kagen can only hope that he is lucky enough to get Roth as his challenger this fall.”

Roger Roth’s Strange Ideas

In February, Representative Roth introduced legislation to “help the ski industry” in Wisconsin, but ironically there are no ski resorts in his district. According to Roth’s press release, he “met with industry leaders and developed four pieces of legislation that will encourage upgrades and investments to take place at the resorts and lodges across our state.”

Why is Roth meeting with the ski industry rather than his 56th district constituents? His legislation is really rather odd considering the 56th Assembly district has no ski resorts, but I’m sure the Wisconsin Ski Industries Association is rooting for Roth.

If this legislation is an example of how he is “uniquely qualified to lead” northeast Wisconsin, it sure leaves a lot to be desired. How about legislation on government reform, cutting entitlement programs, or furthering school choice?

The group also points out this.

At his VoteSmart profile, Representative Roth failed the political courage test because he refused to provide responses to citizens when asked to do so by Project Vote Smart and other national leaders.

The Political Courage Test simply asks Representatives like Roth, “Are you willing to tell citizens your positions on the issues you will most likely face on their behalf?”

Roger Roth was unwilling. (Source: Republican Liberty Caucus of Wisconsin)

Go to the source and read the rest.

Voters in the 8th will have to decide how this type of information factors into their decision on September 14.  In making that decision keep in mind the things WI RLC doesn’t tell you.

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5 thoughts on “Anti-liberty record for Roger Roth?

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  2. I’m the one candidate with small business experience, the one candidate with military experience, the one candidate with legislative experience. I think that sets me apart from the other individuals in this race.”

    I am sure he meant that he is the only candidate that has all three of those life experiences.

    Remember, Reid Ribble is the ONLY candidate to support McCain-Kennedy. The only candidate to oppose mandatory E-Verify

    Funny, while I read all these petty little things about Roth, you miss that completely. Or is it that you don’t want to be a fair and unbiased blogger?

  3. Dale,

    The post is covering what was RLC posted. Information that every voter should be aware of. And if you took the time to notice I’ve pointed things out regarding McCormick and also Reid on occasion.

    Interesting how you choose to criticize only what RLC highlighted on the experience quote. Like it or not the quote (no matter what it was meant to be) is an exaggeration & some would say questionable.

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