The Christie Reform Agenda

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Kudos to NJ Governor Chris Christie for proposing this.

The Christie Reform Agenda: Cutting Costs and Directing Dollars to the Classroom

The Christie Reform Agenda includes a comprehensive tool kit to provide municipalities and school districts the necessary reform measures that will allow them to keep costs low and fund priority services. The Governor’s latest reform proposal caps education administrator pay and puts an end to abuses in the system.

This action has the potential to save almost $9.8 million and help ensure that the maximum amount of education funding stays in the classroom. On average, superintendents’ salaries have risen over twice the rate of inflation – a nearly 46 percent increase since 2001. This is a higher increase than teacher compensation or overall education spending. The ultimate cost to New Jersey taxpayers is over $100 million.

The Christie proposal will cut out-of-classroom costs by capping school administrators’ salaries and reforming how they are paid. (Source: NJ Office of the Governor)

Wouldn’t it be nice to see something like this enacted in Wisconsin?  Especially if everything the public schools do is “for the children”.

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