The Greatest Racial Divide in Fifty Years?

Interesting article on RedState late last week.

I have been a political junkie for more than 35 years. My conservative beliefs are based upon my personal observations and convictions that have shown me during my lifetime that our Founders understood that the only way a free people can exist and prosper is if government is prevented by law, (our Constitution), from involving itself in the lives of its citizens in an attempt to control how they live, worship and achieve.

Yet when Barack Obama was elected, although I did not and still do not agree with anything that this socialist ideologue stands for nor any part of his agenda which is contrary to our Constitution and the will of the people, I did naively believe that since our Nation had grown past the race problems of our history enough to elect a black President, the racial divide would crumble and it would decrease as an issue in America.

Then the very person who was elected along with his wife have, since taking office, become the single most damaging set back to race relations and created the greatest racial divide in our Nation since before the Civil Rights movement and Martin Luther King in the early sixties. Everything that the Obama’s do centers around race and they are the most prolific user of ,”the race card,” even more than Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson.

If anyone disagrees with Obama it is because of his color and not his Marxist politics.

Electing THIS black man as President has reversed race problems in our Nation. Advances which have been fought for and sacrificed for over the past five decades have become almost in vain as Obama has taken our Nation back down a path in which we as a people had worked through and grown past. Sure racism existed before Obama but it was resigned to a minority of ignorant people both black and white who refused to grow up and accept people for who they are and not just judge them by the color of their skin. Ignorant people who used race as an excuse to express their equally ignorant anger.

Obama has made race an issue only for political reasons, that is once again in the forefront and creating a racial divide which is no longer who we are as a people or a Nation. But by making race an issue he uses it to condemn anyone as racist who opposes what he is doing. I do not care what color Obama is but I do care about what he is doing and no matter what his race I would oppose his agenda and the direction he is taking this country. This does not make me a racist but rather a concerned American who understands that our Republic is threatened by this man who seeks to destroy our country and divide our Nation racially for his own political advancement and agenda. (Source: RedState)

Mr. Taylor seems to hit on what many conservatives and independents may be thinking 18 months after Obama was sworn in as President.

What do you think?

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