LZ Lambeau funding decision delayed again

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What is it with the Green Bay city council and making decisions?  Is it really that difficult?

Public funding for LZ Lambeau stalled again Tuesday when Green Bay aldermen disagreed on the proper level of city taxpayer support for the Vietnam War veteran tribute.

One alderman pushed for a contribution of nearly $25,000, representing half of the city’s costs for police protection and other services during the event.

But another argued for donating just $10,000 as part of a potential deal that could also include contributions from Brown County and an unnamed third party.

In the end, the City Council referred the matter back to committee for more deliberation, meaning that a final decision is unlikely until the council meets next on Aug. 17.

Seriously you’ve had since you deferred the decision in June, you had to delay it AGAIN!

It is the same action aldermen took in June when first confronted with the emotional issue of whether to use tax dollars to help LZ Lambeau organizers close a financial deficit. The City Council Finance Committee later voted 2-2 on making a contribution.

Alderwoman Amy Kocha proposed the $24,458 donation Tuesday and urged her colleagues not to delay a decision again while event organizers are trying to complete their fundraising.

“This just is not fair to these people,” Kocha said. (Source: Green Bay Press Gazette)

Even if the decision is no that is better than not making a decision and leaving people in limbo.  What has the city council in Green Bay acquired Brett Favre syndrome?

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