Ruling on High School Sports Coverage Appealed

Gannett Co. and the Wisconsin Newspaper Association are appealing a recent court decision dealing with live Internet streaming of high school games.

A federal judge last month ruled in favor of the Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association. He said the WIAA’s exclusive agreement with a video-production company doesn’t stifle media freedom.

Media company Gannett and the newspaper association disagree. They appealed last week arguing that as a public institution, WIAA has to allow the media access to its events.

WIAA counters that its postseason sports aren’t public events and it needs to charge fees for access to tournaments.

The WIAA filed the initial lawsuit in 2008 after The Post-Crescent of Appleton streamed live coverage of four high school football playoff games. (Source: WAOW)

Should it be streamed online for free or should you have to pay just like if you were going to the game?

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2 thoughts on “Ruling on High School Sports Coverage Appealed

  1. I’ve been following this story since its inception. I lean toward allowing the internet broadcast. But what I really want to know is what kinds of agreements are in place for radio broadcast. Radio stations have been broadcasting regular and post season games for decades. What’s that agreement like?

    For example, if any radio station is allowed to come in and broadcast any game, then it should be the same for internet. If however the radio station must pay a fee to WIAA, then the same should hold true for internet.

    WIAA may think they’re a private company, but these are minors who attend public (and private) schools. So I lean toward keeping it open.

  2. Excellent point Scott. The other question would be did WGBA have to pay a fee when they used to broadcast games on then UPN 32? And what about Time Warner with their games?

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