Assembly candidate back on ballot

A Republican candidate for the Wisconsin state Assembly will appear on the November ballot after election regulators initially rejected him for not having enough nomination paper signatures.

The Republican Party actually tried to prevent Andrew Wisniewski from being on the ballot in the 25th Assembly District race, arguing in part that he doesn’t really represent the GOP and his candidacy was a sham pushed by Democrats designed to rig the election.

But the Government Accountability Board said Thursday that Wisniewski should be on the ballot after 11 nomination signatures originally misplaced were found, which put him over the 200 needed to qualify. Wisniewski had been kicked off the ballot Wednesday when the board believed he had just 196 signatures.

Seems Wisniewski was recruited by a local union that opposes incumbent Bob Zieglbauer.

Jason Sidener, a political action representative for the public workers union the American Federation of State, County & Municipal Employees, helped to recruit Wisniewski. The union, which traditionally backs Democratic candidates, has for years opposed the incumbent in that district, Rep. Bob Ziegelbauer.

Ziegelbauer, the Manitowoc County executive, was a Democrat until switching to be an independent last month.

Sidener said AFSCME has worked with pro-union candidates in the past and Wisniewski’s candidacy was not a Democratic plot to hurt Ziegelbauer’s chances at re-election.

Despite that denial was Wisnieski’s recruitment part of plan by the union and the Democratic machine in Madison?

“It’s pretty obvious to everyone that the Madison Democratic machinery put up a fake candidate to put a name on the ballot because they think it will screw up our election in the 25th Assembly District,” Ziegelbauer said. “From my perspective it points out how bad things have gotten in Wisconsin.” (Source: Green Bay Press Gazette)

If true it’s a sign of desperation by the Wisconsin Democratic Party.

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