Government drunk on stupid

Great piece by Ted Nugent.

In these tough and turbulent economic times, we need to look for small things we can be thankful for.

For example, I am thankful President Obama is not a lifeguard, as I believe he would toss concrete blocks to drowning swimmers instead of life preservers.

Why do I believe that? His economic policies are drowning our economy, leaving many Americans unemployed or underemployed, and he knows it.

President Obama can squawk all he wants and blame everyone from President Bush to Tea Partiers to Fox News, but our anemic economy is the result of his willingness to mindlessly over gorge Fedzilla—the burgeoning federal bureaucray—on more grotesque spending and borrowing and signing more blubber-infested bills that no one knows what’s in them, how they will be implemented or the impact they will have on the economy.

The evidence is glaring: The business community does not trust President Obama. They don’t trust his Socialist economy-killing policies, his Wall Street reform sham that no one knows what is in it or how it will be implemented or his take-over of the healthcare system. They are uneasy about his cap-and-tax energy proposal, green-energy scam and his support to kill the Bush tax cuts.

Business owners, entrepreneurs, and investors know these wrong-headed economic policies are drowning the economy. They are pulling in their financial horns and holding as much as$3 trillion on the sidelines, instead of using that cash to invest in American businesses and innovation. Who can blame them?

Yet the President has the unmitigated gall to state that he believes it is the private sector that has always been America’s source of job creation. Actions always speak louder than words and this administration’s actions are blatantly anti-business, and therefore, anti-American. Phenomenal.

Ted is spot on.  Now what candidates and incumbents are willing to give it straight like this?  What candidates and incumbents are willing to walk the walk instead of just talk the talk? Those are the ones to back with your support.  As Americans we need to take our country back NOW!

If ever there was a time where hard-working, logical Americans needed to reach deep inside for that most important American trait of defiance, it is now. It is time to raise hell. Let productive Americans take back control and take back our country. That’s how we can get America working again. (Source: Human Events)

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