Marc Savard endorses Reid Ribble

Former 8th Congressional District candidate Marc Savard has endorsed Reid Ribble.

“Out of all the remaining candidates in the Republican primary, Reid Ribble is the candidate with the best chance of defeating Kagen in the general election. He is not a career politician looking for a resume booster, he is a businessman who understands how Washington has mortgaged our children’s futures, and I truly believe he wants to fix the direction of this country,” Marc Savard stated.

Savard – an organic farmer and organizer of Wisconsin’s first tea party – stated Ribble is the only candidate in the race with practical business experience that can help turn this country’s fiscal problems around.

“As I exit this race today, I plan to take an active role in the Ribble campaign, helping Reid defeat Kagen this November,” Savard continued.

“I have nothing but the upmost respect for Marc Savard and everything he has done is this race thus far. Savard centered his campaign on ending Washington ‘politics as usual’; aiming to bring politics back to serving the people they represent, rather than the politicians themselves or special interests,” Reid Ribble stated, in response to Savard’s announcement. “Marc has conducted his campaign with the highest ethical standards and I am honored to have him join our team.” Ribble continued. (Source: Ribble For Congress)

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