What do American Hispanics Want?

What do American Hispanics Want? The same thing everyone else
wants…the freedom to pursue the American Dream! We want safe
neighborhoods to raise our kids, schools that aren’t brainwashing our
youth, a high quality education, and high paying jobs to support our
families and provide a better than average lifestyle.

We want to build thriving businesses to pass on to our grandchildren.
We want to have memorable birthday parties in the backyard and want to
sit at the closing table as we purchase our new homes.

The thing about America is it can all happen…for now.

Freedom is being threatened. Government unchecked is a dangerous thing,
and when the people in charge have bad intentions…you better watch
out! We’re suffering as a Nation because the people never had the
opportunity to learn about their Presidential candidates. The truth
about Barak Obama remained a deep, dark secret and the mainstream media
was in the mix.

Networks like CNN, MSNBC and groups like Organizing for America and
Media Matters began reporting on things that only favored their
candidate rather than dig into his past. The people were fed propaganda
and misinformation in order to secure the election and it worked. We
now have someone running our country who has never held a real job in
his life. Millions of patriotic Americans are at his mercy and many who
initially supported Obama now realize his inadequate experience.

How could people be so naive? We can ask the same of the
Argentinians…and the Germans. We can ask the Mexicans, who also lost
their freedoms. Could they see it coming? I think so, but when the
assault comes from within, it’s difficult to spot, especially with a
supportive media.

Now the cloak of “change” is realized. President Obama and his
Administration assumed we would follow him blindly, holding his hand as
he leads us to our destruction. He thought we wouldn’t ask questions or
complain once we discovered the details of his plans. (Source: GOPisforme.com)

Go to the source.  You’ll find what is wanted isn’t what the liberals, MSM and groups like Voces de la Frontera want you to think.

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