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This is a great opportunity to gain a greater understanding of the Lutheran Confessions.

If you are in the Green Bay metro area, Pastor Matt Christians at Hope Lutheran DePere is looking to start a reading group this September of the Book of Concord.

Thinking of starting a De Pere/Green Bay area Book of Concord reading group this September. Possibly to meet monthly on the first Monday of the month, 6:00 – 8:00 p.m. It would be kid-friendly and maybe involve dinner (soup supper for adults, chicken nuggets or somesuch for kids)?

An alternative would be a monthly meeting on Saturday. Anyone interested? Give me a shout out…

So what is the Book of Concord you ask?  Pastor Matt explains,

It is a collection of 10 special statements, written over the course of 1100 years which were collected together into one book by Lutherans in A+D 1580. It is our confession of faith. Far more than mere historical documents, they are the definitive statement of what it means to be Christian and Lutheran. Because the Lutheran Confessions are fully in accord with Scripture, faithfully teach Scripture, and well-summarize the Gospel, they are the standard by which all teaching (doctrine) and practice in our churches are judged. (Source: Blog of the Ninja Pastor)

I plan to join this group, if you do as well get in contact with Pastor Matt!

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