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It’s more truth than fiction that a head coach and quarterback are joined at the hip in the NFL, especially in Green Bay. Vince Lombardi had Bart Starr. Mike Holmgren had Brett Favre.

Packers coach Mike McCarthy admits he allows himself to dream on the quiet mornings when he’s sipping a cup of coffee while taking in the historical sweet aroma of Lambeau Field. Aaron Rodgers is his big-ticket item who can help him build the next Green Bay legacy, but McCarthy takes nothing for granted.

“[Rodgers] has done an excellent job to this point, he’s a two-year starter. … He’ll see new challenges this year from the defenses because, you know, they’ve had now two years to study him and our particular offense,” said McCarthy, now in his fourth season working with Rodgers. “We also have a responsibility as a coaching staff to make sure that he has the resources. … And frankly, he just needs to learn the offense.”

Wait. Rodgers must learn the offense after making the Pro Bowl with 4,434 yards, 30 touchdowns and just seven interceptions in 2009?

“We have a few new concepts,” McCarthy said with an ever-so-slight grin. He declined to elaborate.

McCarthy is most proud that Rodger’s accuracy and decision-making have progressed on schedule. He already has physical gifts that arguably are as good as any QB in the NFL.

“To say he’s the most gifted, that’s a huge compliment. He is definitely in the upper echelon,” McCarthy said. “I mean, there is not anything from an offensive outlook that we hold back from. We feel that he can make all the throws. He gives us the ability to throw the ball deep, but also he has the ability to get the ball out of his hand quickly, and he’s very disciplined and smart with his decisions and so forth. I would say he is definitely a complete quarterback.” (Source: ESPN)

And just think Rodgers landed in the Packers lap on Draft Day 2005.  Would hate to think where the Packers would be without him as QB following that Favre debacle.

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