Don’t be fooled

The image that Terri McCormick is attempting to portray to the voters in the 8th Congressional District.

Just the person you want representing you in Washington correct?  Until  it comes to the issue of character.

A different image of Terri emerges when you look at her actions.

As Jerry Bader has pointed out character is an issue in the 8th Congressional District primary.  Terri and her campaign are attempting to “sell” the image seen the commercial above.  However to get the “full” picture of who Terri is, look at her actions on the campaign trail.

In other words become informed.  Do your homework.

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3 thoughts on “Don’t be fooled

  1. Brad- Unless you were there you cannot assume what you hear from Bader, etc.has any truth in it at all. Democrats like Jerry will say anything to discredit good republicans. How many times has he ripped republicans, especially women republicans compared to Kagen. Its not even close to even.

    In case you are shocked by my Democrat label for Bader, go check out his backround. You will be enlightened.


  2. Throwing bloggers under the bus? Yeah, like the three or four who continue to LIE? A made up meltdown that no one verifies? More lies from the blogosphere.

  3. AJ,

    Page 41 of her book states her view of bloggers.

    AJ and Jack,

    Interesting how any one who is critical of Terri is said to be lying or making things up. Are the people who saw what happened at the Shanty Days parade on Saturday lying as well?

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